Righteousness or Rightness

Have you ever had what I call Nathan moments?  These are those times when you have chosen, spoken, or acted badly – and the Holy Spirit of God/Allah tugs your heart with a situation, different but parallel to yours, and you rise up in righteous indignation to rightly judge that other situation — only to hear the Divine loving confrontation – as Nathan the Prophet did with, then king, David – “YOU are that man.
Those times teach the difference between being right and being righteous.  Those are growing pains of the soul.  Embraced and attended, they are growing pains; we come through them stronger, richer, and more teachable than we went in.
I’ve been having these fairly regularly of late.  Some people get prophetic revelations or ecstatic trips to Heaven, I get the loving, Nathan moments from my Coach and Cheerleader.  He knows my frame, and He is relentless in His work of teaching and polishing His own – I am one of those, and I wouldn’t trade this relationship for anything in this world or the next.
The other day, after both main US political parties had completed their conventions and named their final candidates for President and Vice President, I was weighing the content of those two elaborate, theatrical events.  I was digesting as much backstory, second-guessing, and peripheral content as possible, in my effort to be a faithful citizen-voter and representative of my set of values.
At the same time, I was disenchanted with both groups from my vantage point of being a senior citizen, living solely on Social Security, trying creatively to stay away from added, pitiful ‘government programs for the very poor’ – a group I was swiftly being defined into.  I was considering some drastic life changes in light of all this, and feeling very much like a “helpless little old lady.”  I’m rich in people that love me – don’t get me wrong – but these are mostly far away and very busy in their own everyday lives.  My solitariness was looming large.
In this mode, none of the items on my varied to-do list seemed relevant, and several activities that comprised “my work” the last few years actually seemed fruitless and vain – as if the last seven years of my life had actually been misspent – missing their point!  Again, there was no human that could speak to this moment.  I needed to hear my Creator’s voice, and I needed it now.
With a short whimper of a prayer, I flipped open my Bible – half asking, half not believing He would answer – to see if I could find the place from which He would speak to me.  As is often the case, I landed in Psalms (strategically placed in about the middle of the whole Bible), and my eye spotted Psalm 72:12:

For He delivers the needy when he calls, the poor also and him who has no helper.

…and him/her who ‘has no helper.’ This lept off the page at me.  Nathan was there.  How can I believe I ‘have no helper’ when the Creator Himself is so ever-present that He draws me to the very promise that pinpoints my need of the instant!  My ‘need’ was to be reminded of God’s power, love, and faithfulness – His ever-present help in times of need!
So, naturally, I began to look at the surrounding verses.  As often as I have read the whole Bible and the Psalms in particular, I do not remember ever seeing that verse!  It turns out that this Psalm was written as a prayer of King David for his Crown Prince and son, Solomon.  In this Psalm, David sings his prayer to the Lord God of Heaven and Earth – the Creator Himself, who has called David a man after His own heart.
Please do yourself and the planet a huge favor.  Please find a Bible and read Psalm 72 as a prayer from  your heart.  It is a Divine blueprint for righteous governance – the recipe for a prosperous nation to function righteously amid the family of nations. This is for governments, not just political, but organizational, institutional, corporate, and in families. If this counsel and strategy were ever needed, it is needed right now – today – in our world!
If we people who belong to Jesus and long to see our nation taking its rightful place on the Earth will pray this Psalm 72 from our hearts, I believe there will be that promised deliverance I found in verse 12 (needy and poor have many ways of expressing, even among the financially rich and powerful).

There is a glaring difference between being right and being righteous.  Most of us can recognize at a glance the wrong elements in the belief system or life choices of others – especially when those are not our wrong elements.  Most of us derive some small or snide satisfaction from noting such things and declaring our right standard or perspective – sometimes loudly and with unkind vulgarity.

Holy Spirit “Nathan” comes to me and asks:  But does that help?  Is this  behavior of yours serving to heal the breach or bridge the gap or empower the flow of mercy and grace?  Is it more important to you to establish your personal rightness at the expense of another’s chance to grow or heal?  Is that behavior in line with My heart of love for My whole creation?

Now, I’m pressed to find an example that I could defend in such a conversation.  I am silenced by His relentless love and patience – even with me.  I long to have His holy character woven into my fabric and to express it through my life to those I touch.  And I remember, on reflection, that even the worst of the worst humanity was created in the image of my Lord and King.  I remember that someone needs to stop and listen, to see and hear what these others believe to be true, upon which they are basing their choices and actions, so we can love each other into grace and light.  I remember, once again, that until we seek understanding of each other, there can be no optimum outcome and no peace – no good fruit from our shared lives.
And once again, I volunteer to be that someone – by the power of my promised Helper.  

Train my heart, O God, to see as You see and love as You love – for Jesus’ sake and Your glory, Amen.

Light shines in darkness, and illumines all of our hearts and minds.  This Eternal Light is that bright place where right and righteous merge and by His grace, we find the place of peace – speaking truth in love!

Here’s the challenge that faces each one of us – as a command and invitation.  How will we respond?


Fighting Fair



Be angry and sin not; do not let the sun go down upon your wrath.  Ephesians 4:26

So, yeah – I’m thinking about the steep increase in social division, destruction, and animosity over seemingly ‘every little thing.’  I’m reflecting on some recent conflicts up close between people that you’d expect to know better, but wounded people tend to hurt others – even people they truly love.
This list of factors in ‘fair fights’ arose out of these reflections.  It is helpful for me to review; I hope the same is true for you.  The world can be such a better place if we agreeably disagree, without harming the other person.  It is possible to even ‘win an issue’ without ‘losing a friend.’  And we never know which adversary actually may be right, or providing an important ‘learning experience’ in our life!  Here goes:

Fighting fair means:

  • Not wanting to destroy the PERSON to make (or win) a point

  • Refusing to use personal details about someone to shut them down

  • Refusing to generalize and make “all/always/none/never” statements to discuss a single issue, idea, or episode

  • Refusing to hide behind implications of personal impenetrability while jabbing deep into an individual or group soft spot

  • Remembering that you do not want to do damage – even when you feel threatened – at a spiritual/emotional, or even physical, level

  • Staying teachable – even by attackers or opposing views – being ready to LEARN from the conversation

  • Remembering that teachers MUST always be ready to learn – new and even inconvenient/uncomfortable or devastating and scary (new to you) truth.

  • Refusing to use the other person’s private (unique to them) details to silence their point of view

  • Remembering that the enemy is NOT the person or position before you at the moment

  • Remembering that the enemy is ignorance or lies, and it/he seeks to steal, kill, or destroy

  • Being willing to ‘lose ground or stature’ to win the true peace (not some Band-Aid placebo that ends the conversation and “stuffs the core” in a “let’s be nice now” kind of door-closing control statement)


Settle differences quickly – before the day ends; win or lose the issue, win the friend

Poor examples of ‘fair fights’:

  • A professor intimidating a student on the basis of his professional background when the student has asked a difficult, embarrassing, but earnest question. Authority figure dropping back to personal degrading of the student’s backgroundor education level and puffing/buttressing their own, declaring “I am impenetrable and you are my prey, so shut up and be nice – see? I’m nice.”

  • A marital quarrel about a specific purchase at a certain time – that devolves into attacks on the spouse’s family, training or character, and shuts the heart-door when the spouse on defense refuses to engage at that destructive level. Then the attacker refuses to seek truth and optimum outcome because they are not given permission to steam-roller the home or bond (“my way or the highway”) on a point worthy of mutual input.

  • Political leaders (in government, religion, media, education, or professional circles) that hide behind negative labels and misuse of language to gain power from an illegitimate place – a weak argument pushed through via name-calling and bullying.

If these guidelines don’t give us pause at the water cooler, bar, dinner table, or in social media, we are either already tried in the fire of fairness and practicing the law of love – OR – we are so blind we don’t know we can’t see, and we are probably thrashing our way through life, leaving devastation in our wake.

If this list is Fairness 101, then 1 Corinthians 13, in the Holy Bible, is Fairness 201-501!  How would our worlds change and lives improve if we were to review the elements of mature, healthy love – and commit ourselves to live out that “law of love.”

Just sayin’




Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets/voices have gone out into the world.  1 John 4:1

We live in a layered reality, in this time/space/matter continuum – called “our day.”  Not that it has ever been different from the time our first parents were expelled from the Garden of Eden.  But we live now and experience our day.  Together. And this day, we are certain, is layered.  It is a 3D puzzle.

Nowhere is that more obvious than in the political theatre of US federal election campaigns.  The games people play are myriad, the machinations behind the scenes are often untold for decades or centuries – if they ever see the light of day.  But most observers – active, thinking citizens – are aware of the layers of manipulation and the role that money, power, and family/agenda ties have in how the story unfolds.

Decades ago, while a young woman working in a state-level lobbying organization, a seasoned veteran of the lobbying-without-direct-cash-to-dispense world gave my first peek at all this.  He would say things like, “Never be limited by the vocabulary of your adversary. Don’t let them control the language of the conversation.” Oh. Words matter. In the world of ideas, the flavor of words – matter.  He entertained me one lunch break with his musings about certain candidates then being run for office by the major parties.  One, put forward by the incumbent party, seemed weak compared to the opposition.  My friend tossed out the idea that the party now in power knew there was a mess coming, and they were offering up a sacrificial lamb so that – if he did win, he would take the heat and “take one for the team.” But if he lost, the other party would take blame for the mess, and power would revert back at the end of the shift.

This is not the way an average voting citizen sees or thinks; but this is how power brokers think and strategize.  And this gentleman was at the less sophisticated levels of such folk.

Notice that these puzzle pieces would fit together in any configuration of the four.  How often is the win-win simply a matter of rearranging the blocks – rephrasing the sentence – reordering the steps to the goal.  We can’t see this until we relax and trust each other’s motives – until we are negotiating in good faith with others of like heart.

I was reminded of all this a while back, in conversation with a young woman at our local library.  We were talking about the present candidates running for US President in the elections coming up, November 2016.  There were many contenders at the time. By the time this writing is read, the panorama will have changed a great deal.  Most states will have “spoken” re their preferences, and the money/morale/volunteers and sheer stamina will shift for those that have not come out ahead.  That’s why this process is called a race.  In some respects it is like a horse race.  What a pitiful way to select one of the major leaders of the so-called free world. It is very expensive, this free world, and it is highly restricted – more every day – so that term is obsolete language we still use because it makes us feel better… than… what, exactly?

Anyway, in this conversation at the library, my companion commented she was upset by the brash remarks of one front-runner regarding immigration, particularly the attitude toward Muslims and refugees.  I had been noticing that quotes and moves being reported re this one were not those of a person seriously contending for the post.  The world hardly needs that persona or set of expressed attitudes at the helm in the rocky days ahead for our shrinking planet.  But when she expressed her concerns, something dawned on me; the sun rose on my thinking, and details took on new color and clarity.  I played the devil’s advocate, after the pattern of my veteran lobbyist friend from so long ago.

What if he really doesn’t want to win, I ventured.  Her eyes widened in question – “Why would he run if he didn’t?”  “Well, what if he’s a spoiler,” I said, recalling the role in former races, played by Ross Perot, Jesse Jackson, and others.  Her lights went on and the level of consciousness changed.  We continued to consider the possibility that he was either running to help the opposite party, or to be able to spout off and say extreme and foolish things to get certain conversations on the table – but not with the idea of seriously trying to win.  And now that he was attracting surprising support, the potential of his being a final candidate was perhaps unnerving – even to him.  It is one thing to take potshots at the one in office; it is another to take that chair yourself, receiving all the potshots from others.

We ended our visit and went separate ways.  But as often happens, the topic stayed with me.  I usually talk things over with Holy Spirit – the Teacher and Counselor that Jesus has given us.  This was no exception.  I won’t say this is a “thus sayeth the Lord” – but it is something I came to wonder, and I’ll watch, listening, to see if it bears out.

I’m wondering if the two strong voices from the supposedly opposing parties are not put forward or pumped by the controlled media, with the permission or support (overt or covert) from the puppetmasters that back these major races.  Remember, in building celebrity, there is no such thing as bad publicity. But in running for office, this rule doesn’t hold.  If emphasis in media continues to show you at disadvantage or in twisted reports, public opinion formed thereby will follow the formers.

I’m wondering if these polarizing positions are set up and “allowed to be” so the party hardliners and money behind them can watch to see how the people will react to each.  Both parties have lost touch with their former constituencies – they have not kept faith with the US citizens or with the world of nations.  The backstreet deals, lies, copouts and sellouts have come so thick and fast that it is hard to tell what’s left of our real country.  No documents are interpreted to mean what they used to, and new voluminous ones are being agreed to, in our name, with major ramifications for us and our progeny – at a dizzying pace. (We have to pass bill this to see what’s in it?! Hello?! This is leadership?)

What if – the kingmakers and government-buyers want we the people to either (1) attempt revolt to “justify” martial law and enslavement of our lives, usurping our liberties and resources — OR (2) go along enthusiastically with some dreadful combination of fascism/socialism that shrinks our lives to some surreal version of Matrix or Soylent Green scripts, while buying into the impossible dream of getting back to the future where everyone has a clear shot at thriving — according to “them.”   This was the scenario set up in the Nazi and Communist/Bolshevik drama of the two world wars, so far. History reveals that some vile, deep pockets were funding and profiting from both sides.  “Heads, I win; tails, you lose.”

What if – the two extreme voices are being given the media exposure and teased into making comments that are bound to bite them later, so the shadow-watchers can take the temperature of the populace and decide then which way to go with their next level of deprivation and mass dimishment for their own despicable, unconscionable power grabs and gain.

I’m writing to suggest that we all pull back from drinking the media Kool-Aid, that we fast from the toxic nectar; and rather, that we each get in touch with our core: our faith, values, conscience, dreams, and reality.  That we let the candidates sort out while we pray and call on the Creator – who sees it all – and His Holy Spirit that brings us into all truth..

We don’t have to let the media circus dominate our lives or relationships.  Stay friends with people you love – regardless of who they support or why.   Don’t let our emotions draw us into foolish actions or be polarized by varied conversations, dividing us to be conquored by the players of the game.

Let’s REASON TOGETHER AND BUILD TRUST – BRIDGES OF UNDERSTANDING.  Let’s strengthen the fabric of our humanity and enjoy the tapestry of God’s design.

I believe we are at a place – as humanity and in God’s timetable – where this is possible.


Will we be the generation that chooses LIFE & TRUTH – or will Earth have to go through another round “in the wilderness” before the enslaved mindset is purged and courage can rise in obedience to the invitation from the Divine?

As for me and my “house” – we will serve and joyfully follow – the Lord of Heaven and Earth.

Herein lies my hope.  Not mine alone, but the Hope for all the world.

A Psalm of Life


Except a kernel of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone, but in its death, life responds to the command. Resurrection happens!! LIFE WINS!

– By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
“Life is but an empty dream!”
For the soul is dead that slumbers,
And things are not what they seem.
Life is real! Life is earnest!
And the grave is not its goal;
“Dust thou art, to dust returnest,”
Was not spoken of the soul.
Not enjoyment, and not sorrow,
Is our destined end or way;
But to act, that each tomorrow
Find us farther than to-day.
Art is long and Time is fleeting,
And our hearts, though stout and brave,
Still, like muffled drums, are beating
Funeral marches to the grave.
In the world’s broad field of battle,
In the bivouac of Life,
Be not like dumb, driven cattle!
Be a hero in the strife!
Trust no Future, howe’er pleasant!
Let the dead Past bury its dead!
Act – act in the living Present!
Heart within and God o’erhead!
Lives of great ones all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints in the sands of time;
Footprints, that perhaps another,
Sailing o’er life’s solemn main,
A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,
Seeing shall take heart again.
Let us then be up and doing,
With a heart for any fate;
Still achieving still pursuing,
Learn to labor and to wait.
(I like to follow this with a couplet from
Longfellow’s “Footsteps of Angels”)
O, though oft depressed and lonely,
All my fears are laid aside,
If I but remember only –
Such as these have lived and died!


Mom youngKathryn                                   as demure young wife
Mom olderKathryn as confident widow & grandmother of many
This poem and excerpt became especially dear at the time of my Mother’s death in the spring of 1992.  In processing this loss, I had assembled memorial booklets for the family with several key photos, stories, Psalm 34, and some of Mom’s favorite hymns.  Since my Father had died 19 years earlier, part of the impact of Mom’s passing had to do with the reality that my siblings and I had no parent living among us — we were now “it” as the covering generation.
In that frame of mind, I’d written a pledge to each other and our collective children – and children’s children.  Here it goes:
We pledge our loyalty and love; our prayers for your salvation, safety, holiness and development — that you will become all God designed you to be and serve Him and each other with excellence and humility.  That you will bond with one another in love, and pray for each other and for us.
We would encourage you to reach for your highest – in Jesus, whom to know is life eternal.                                                                            Do not be content with merely passing through this life — live it!
If, by some chance, you should die before Christ returns,                                                                                                                                               let those who remain behind take comfort in knowing you are in heaven                                                                  and that you truly lived while you had your turn.
We love you dearly — ever so dearly.
Mom's memorial book cover
Kathryn Ella Lundeen Leavenworth’s    memorial booklet
 Postscript – written March 17, 1992, by Mary Ellen Leavenworth Chico
What has it felt like to have Mother die – and what is the meaning and change involved?
After years of stages of separation and closeness, the finality was bigger and sharper than I’d expected – even expecting it to be so.
The sadness as I contemplated her life and exit was unbearable and extremely weighty, once I’d let that come.  I was a little sorry that there was no satisfying answer or resolution.  I could only acknowledge that in some ways her life looked worse from the outside than perhaps it did from the inside.  That is, the aspects I would have wanted her to enjoy – or that I would have enjoyed in her shoes – she seemed to suffer through or dread; but the parts I would have found boring, she cherished!
As my mind and soul searched madly through the inventory of experiences, attitudes, and emotions, I came across many things – sweet and sour, and salty – that came from Mama, but nothing that touched the moment.  All was a swirl of ups and downs, fears and questions in that night of March 14, 1992, three short nights ago, as I tossed on the sofa, unable to breathe well.
A groundswell of longing developed within me like a tidal wave suddenly out of a flat sea – a longing to be immersed in praise and worship.  I longed to be swept into the presence of the living God – to His throne.  My husband Keen hungered, instead, for solitude and could not bear the “crowd” however; so in tender love and realization of his loss, too, we did not go to church the morning of March 15, but to breakfast at Louie’s by the Cliffhouse, instead.  We watched the birds, squirrels, tourists, and ocean and rock-garden San Francisco coast in the beauty of being themselves.  But by nightfall, my need was so strong, and Keen agreed for me to go solo to church.
It was communion night!  The praise and worship were just what The Doctor ordered, and the release was  — large — the glories and relaxation, comfort and awe opened up the deeps.  Tears flowed, arms shot upward as I pressed into the intense warm of Heaven, of Jesus, of Daddy God, of the Holy Spirit – seeming to cuddle me in the midst of the glories and grandeur that are the presence of God.  I was sensing this to be Mama’s experience as she stood, surprisingly shy, taking in the total shift in her reality.   I still can’t say in a word or words what that felt like; it was a most complex set of emotions – not the pure exhilaration I had experienced on the passing of my Father, 19 years before.
As I am taking the time to write these thoughts, I am having breakfast: 6-grain pancakes, a fruit cup, and a double latte (not de-caf).  Toward the end of my pancakes, I realize I am full to the point where, although tasty, the pancakes are no longer a meal; they threaten to become an obligation!  At this point, I realize I don’t have to accept that and could simply leave the rest – which I do!
Oh, the liberty!  Now I realize that the old, expected tape is silent….
I wonder how many other behaviors will change as I learn what it means to be “my own woman” in relation to Mom’s ideas and sayings.
Of course, hers was only one of many such voices, but it was a dominant one, to be sure.  Looking out on the open days before me, there is a loneliness in the freedom, but the curiosity and trust is compelling.


Rome is Burning Again


An anonymous member of Congress writes in a new book

“My main job is to keep my job, to get reelected. It takes precedence over everything”

This is what happens when leaders go from serving the people to ruling. When a person becomes intoxicated on their self-importance and baptize their position in being served instead of serving, then job security is of the highest importance. An “us and them” is created in the cesspool of a putrid mind marinating in narcissism and make no mistake about it, this will lead to an oppression somewhere along the way. 

The truth is, the main job is not keep his job, but to serve and to protect them. Where did this idea come from? It comes from greed that has taken over a fragile will that silently screams to remain moral. Lobbyists and the money that flows from the special interests feeds the…

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*Blessed are the poor… Matthew 5:3 and Luke 6:20


I have been musing on the matter of the distribution of wealth, the distribution of options, and the distribution of misery.  I’m not talking about the misery that is the bitter fruit of having one’s own way; I’m talking about the misery foisted upon masses by others who have neither clue nor care re the ramifications of their policies or practices.

In Micah 6:8 (NKJV), we read: He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you, but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.

It is clear, to me, that our Creator and Redeemer has a system in place that balances even the unjust scales of this world’s systems.  This takes a lot of pressure off us to do the fixing.  But we are given the great opportunity to be part of His plan, and thereby release justice and mercy into the spheres we are here to impact.  If we want to be on the galactic winning team, wisdom would have us side with the Almighty.

With this in mind, I propose we try something new in the distribution of wealth.  This is not a ‘take from the rich and give to the poor’ idea.  This is a rerouting of expenditures already being made from the public coffers.

We have tried, valiantly, to work with President Reagan’s “trickle down” theory and, maybe with the right-hearted hands at the helm, this would work.  But for various reasons, it hasn’t.  I’m proposing we see what we can do with the “trickle up” flow.

In this version of Trickle Up, which would require people of integrity and good will to construct and protect (may be asking too much here), we would establish categories of people that are known and desired to be permanently out of the paid job market.  This would include retired people and permanently disabled.  Of course, retired people are a rich source of counsel and volunteering. But those activities that honor their skills and give life rich meaning, are not intended to provide a livelihood.

Once the groups permanently out of the labor force are identified, their pension from the Social Security TRUST Fund would be greatly enhanced, maybe tripled, from what it is now.  Once this structure is operational, there would be no corporate bailouts, no banking bail-ins, and corporations would lose their status as legal ‘persons.’  They would become, rather, for-profit (or not-for-profit) associations.  These associations would be motivated to operate by courting the loyalty of the newly empowered consumers.

Think about how seniors spend their money – if they have it.  They buy gifts for loved ones, take trips and maintain their homes and vehicles.  They eat out with friends, take classes to keep fit and to follow intellectual interests.  They buy season tickets to sports events, symphonies, opera, ballet – they support libraries and the arts!  They go camping or otherwise support parks and recreation businesses.  They take care of their health: body, vision, teeth, and soul & spirit.  They give to good causes – in both time and money. They take up hobbies, tend pets, and grow gardens.  The ways that senior people on pensions spend discretionary income are ways that feed directly back into the everyday economic life of their community – in great diversity for upward quality of life all the way around.

Really, people, in thinking about a thriving economy, do we really only want it about who gets how much money?  Is the accumulation of money what life is all about? Does the kid who dies with the most toys really win?  If so, win what?



The current economic philosophy driving our law and policymakers seems mono faceted and shallow.  In the illustration of the fish in the food chain, let’s take a fresh look.  It appears that the bigger ones eat the progressively smaller ones – but flip this.  See that the little fish actually can feed the next size bigger.  In Trickle Up, this happens and the little-fish population continues to thrive, creating sustainability all the way ‘up’ the chain.  When the feeding frenzy is allowed to be designed by the big fish – for the big fish, smaller fish populations die off and soon there are none generating biological sustainability and vibrant health in the full spectrum of global economy.

Even if the big fish in charge mean well, they can’t do the job right because they have no current understanding of realms other than their own.  They have protected themselves from the realities foisted upon the rest of the ‘fish’ classifications. They are probably not to blame for the situation; we smaller fish groups have been silent far too long – assuming, perhaps, that leaders knew where they were headed and, incidentally, taking us and our children.

It has been said that if all the money in the world were evenly distributed among all persons, within a very short time it would flow into the hands of its “rightful owners.”  If this is true, what possible harm could there be in trying this shift in focus?  What are the uber wealthy afraid of?  If the wealth is rightfully theirs, it will return.  That may be the rub.  Maybe they know something that we can only suspect.  But I digress.

If Social Security pensions were tripled and permanent disability payments were tripled, people would live with more dignity – which engages the market at its direct-service and products level.  This creates jobs in the retail and service sectors, travel and medical fields.  Those areas feed investments and real estate, universities, law firms, business start-ups, and on upward in the educational/financial strata.  This also builds the ladder for hope-filled upward mobility of gifted and motivated persons from all walks of life – enriching the cultural mix all the way through.  With the money fed into the pockets of permanently unemployed, consumer spending would jump-start quickly, and make its way up through the ranks to the top-tier taxpayers and back into personal savings (put to work in stocks and mortgage loans) or government coffers for recycling.  This would all be based on personal options and choices – which would engender a more richly diverse world than that of the ‘one size fits all’ government offering of green walls, plastic chairs, lines, and forms – and highly militarized control of disgruntled masses.

Trickle Down, on the other hand, feeds the uber rich and barely sustains the uber poor – the cleaning and serving staff at resorts and such.  Middle economic strata are made extinct and there is no way to make the leap upward for the struggling poor. Behind the billboards in resort regions a crime element festers that feeds off the desperate day-job holders. With Trickle Up, this social ill would be seriously cut into, because better paying jobs would be more available, and the attraction to the black market economy would not be quite so strong.  And – the separation would be clear between the simply poor and the slithery criminal elements that thrive in the shadows where poverty is forced to walk.

With pension-seniors out of the entry-level job market, the way is made clear for youth to enter and learn the rudiments of the world of work.  Without this opportunity, we have a current generation still living with parents well into adulthood – not by choice.  And we have unemployables loitering in the streets of Facebook, or on couches in front of TVs and video games because they never learned how to become reliable members of the work-a-day world.  These are often waiting for life to happen for them rather than by them… and this is pitiful!  I believe we can, and should, do better!

Oh yes, one more thing.  We probably need to get rid of the global-level private banking machine, and as sovereign nations, again take responsibility for printing our own money, backed by real assets like gold, silver, and other precious metals.

I believe that this paradigm shift could bring the paddles to the heart of our societies and cause this human near-cadaver to spring back to life.  Again, remember, no matter how money is redistributed, it will – in time – make its way back to its ‘rightful owners.’  Let’s make it work its way back home by bringing life everywhere it flows along the way!

This is a hope-filled idea.  Ideas have consequence.  Ideas shape thinking and dreams.  Dreams become reality and thinking drives policy.  Public policy flavors culture and quality of life (up or down), and freedom engenders diversity and growth.

Why wouldn’t we want to live in this kind of world?  What’s stopping us, if not ourselves?



*It IS finished – He has done it!

LIFE springs in response to LIGHT - death and darkness loses its grip in the Light!

LIFE springs in response to LIGHT – death and darkness loses its grip in the Light!


Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow! This is the generous message of the Life and work of Jesus Christ – Isa/Yeshua/Yesua… Forgiveness, Healing, Deliverance, Victory — life SWALLOWS death… Jesus announced this completed work from the Cross! And Creator, Father God/Allah/YHWH/HaShem/Dios confirmed it by raising Him up from the dead and seating Him at Father’s right hand.  Nobody else could DO any part of this! And He DID it for ALL of humanity – not just for some little culture or club!  Every person, tribe, and tongue!  THIS IS THE HOPE, THE JOY, THE TRUTH…

If that’s not good news, nothing is! Let’s believe it and apply it to our lives, this day…


*And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. John 8:32

Of course, in the ultimate sense, the truth is The Truth – Truth is a Person; ultimate truth is found only in Him. We call this Person God or Allah, or Dios, or other syllables in other tongues: our ultimate single-source, our Creator.  What He speaks defines and expresses and creates truth.  It is impossible for Him to lie, because immediately upon projecting the sound of His voice, truth becomes – and is released.

In a lesser sense, knowing truth about our selves, our lives, and the world around us also sets us free: free to understand and act within that understanding – wisely, in accord with our highest core values and best intentions.

This is why I’m starting this blog, why I spend time in study, prayer, thought, and communication. It is a driving passion to seek out, understand, digest, and redistribute Truth and truth.  If I only gain and absorb, but do not speak or write – the gold and light enriches my days but dies with me.  Only by connecting with you — others — does the beat go on and the music play from one life to the next.

I have to trust that you will bring your heart and mind to this conversation.  You will understand that this exercise requires grace and mercy – generosity of soul, to allow for the gaps bound to occur as layers of thought are spread out for examination – either in my posts or your comments.  I am both blessed and horrified with my writing of years gone by.  This will no doubt be the case with this blog record as well.  If you have not had this experience, then you may not have learned or grown – which is sad for you.  I welcome you to this great ocean of life where we get to try things, to test drive our perceptions and combine our views to get the clearer picture.  Like fleas on an elephant, not one of us has the whole picture. But as the Truth light rises in our lives, and we can see more clearly, hope rises, and with it comes the energy to reach for that dream – that better day.


Your Light becomes our light; thank You.


Together we can grow strong.  This gives us hope.  Welcome to my piece of the hope-building pie.

Here is a hope lens, a scaffolding for all else that is built into this day:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-5T2UAZoPU