A Filter for ALL Decisions

This article, by Dr. Reuben Egolf, explores the deeper layers of social injustice that have been in place for centuries.  Now is the time to make the shift into righteous behavior toward our fellow man.  In the face of deplorable “trade deals” or “treaties” being formed at the upper levels of international power, this article exposes and challenges colonialist thinking and reminds us all of the price for selfish thinking.  Wisdom lifts everyone – not just the few.  Let’s trade in ‘shrewdness’ for ‘wisdom’ and see what global life can be like! In the words of Jesus, praying, “Your will be done, YOUR kingdom come, on Earth [just] as it is in Heaven.”  Jesus knew what He was asking; He knew how things are governed and operating in Heaven – and He knew the hearts of men; He knew the difference.  That’s why He taught us to pray this with Him.  When we pray this from our hearts, we are on the right side of history and Heaven.  When we have opportunity to speak or act in line with this prayer, it is incumbent on us to do so.
The Lord be with all people of peace, for His glory and our fulfillment. Amen.


A developing nation that has its sights on a prominent future that consists of competent leadership, financial stability, and a voice on the international stage must have the following filter for all decisions. What will promote human life? What will promote human flourishing — realizing the full potential of life and the freedom to do so? The establishment of placing human value at the pinnacle of the pyramid of priorities is paramount for all infrastructure to be built upon. In other words, what benefits the people and promotes the health of the individual.

That means that corporations cannot pillage, rape, and prostitute the people for rich natural resources. They profit billions and the indigenous workers receive pennies and barely survive. The corporations then take the money from the developing country and bank it in their home nation along with the finished product they have mined. The backs of the native…

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Lifting the lid on Pandora’s nasty box

Psychiatry as mystical symbolism by Jon Rappoport May 31, 2016 (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.) Every time I re-publish this piece, I find another angle to emphasize. This time, it’s reductionism, the strategy of making the truth, whatever it is, into something overly simple and, therefore, deceptive and false. […]

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Denouncing the Recent Gang Rapes in Brazil


Two gang rapes of teenage girls with one of them involving 30 men was videoed and posted online has brought outrage in Brazil.

The Public Safety Forum said in a study that Brazilian police recorded a sexual assault every 11 minutes in the country in 2014.

An estimated half a million such assaults take place each year overall.[i]

This savagery is indicative of the reduction of the value of women in a subculture that has metastasized into total depravity. It is looking at a woman through the perverted lens that has changed her equality to that of an inanimate object. She now becomes nothing more than a tool used when needed for some sadistic pleasure and then returned to the shelf for future use. How despicable!

How does this happen?

Ideas have consequences. People act the way that they do because they think in certain ways, because they hold…

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Rome is Burning Again


An anonymous member of Congress writes in a new book

“My main job is to keep my job, to get reelected. It takes precedence over everything”

This is what happens when leaders go from serving the people to ruling. When a person becomes intoxicated on their self-importance and baptize their position in being served instead of serving, then job security is of the highest importance. An “us and them” is created in the cesspool of a putrid mind marinating in narcissism and make no mistake about it, this will lead to an oppression somewhere along the way. 

The truth is, the main job is not keep his job, but to serve and to protect them. Where did this idea come from? It comes from greed that has taken over a fragile will that silently screams to remain moral. Lobbyists and the money that flows from the special interests feeds the…

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