Mary Ellen Leavenworth Chico is a seasoned traveler in life and love.  She thinks and sees a little differently than most folks, but enjoys the vast variety of views and ideas exchanged along the way.  She has been called a poet, a mom, a philosopher, organized, random, unusual, creative, shy, overbearing, boring, efficient – and more.  Mainly, she’s just a person experiencing life ‘on all four burners’ with a rich heritage and wide variety of interests and friends.  Welcome to her world.  Tread gently; you are welcomed with love, to walk among the others – also loved.  We respect each other here – even with our contra passions and diverse pursuits.  Everyone in her world contributes their essence to the ‘soup’ captured in this blog, whether they author or not.  No ideas or dreams are born in a vacuum.  She is, like you, the sum of her parts, places, and people.  Above all, expect surprises.

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