It IS finished – can we comprehend this?

Here is the truth – the word of hope and joy for this day, and every day!  

Life DOES swallow death, and Jesus Christ/Isa/Yesua/Yeshua has won it!  

This Good News of His Kingdom is for EVERYONE, not just some little club… 

We need to GET this – it is ours, individually and collectively – the life and work of Jesus is complete! 

He declared this from the Cross and Father God/Allah/YHWH confirmed it by raising Him up on the Third Day and seating Him at His right hand forever.  

The Name… Ha Shem… Hashemites… Connect the dots… 

The Good News is out of the box! It is for everyone – no need to fight about it – we don’t kill for it, we LIVE for it — there’s plenty for all — Grace, forgiveness, cleansing, new life, light on the Straight Path to Father’s House, our first and last Home!

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