Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets/voices have gone out into the world.  1 John 4:1

We live in a layered reality, in this time/space/matter continuum – called “our day.”  Not that it has ever been different from the time our first parents were expelled from the G…

Source: Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets/voices have gone out into the world.  1 John 4:1

A Filter for ALL Decisions

This article, by Dr. Reuben Egolf, explores the deeper layers of social injustice that have been in place for centuries.  Now is the time to make the shift into righteous behavior toward our fellow man.  In the face of deplorable “trade deals” or “treaties” being formed at the upper levels of international power, this article exposes and challenges colonialist thinking and reminds us all of the price for selfish thinking.  Wisdom lifts everyone – not just the few.  Let’s trade in ‘shrewdness’ for ‘wisdom’ and see what global life can be like! In the words of Jesus, praying, “Your will be done, YOUR kingdom come, on Earth [just] as it is in Heaven.”  Jesus knew what He was asking; He knew how things are governed and operating in Heaven – and He knew the hearts of men; He knew the difference.  That’s why He taught us to pray this with Him.  When we pray this from our hearts, we are on the right side of history and Heaven.  When we have opportunity to speak or act in line with this prayer, it is incumbent on us to do so.
The Lord be with all people of peace, for His glory and our fulfillment. Amen.


A developing nation that has its sights on a prominent future that consists of competent leadership, financial stability, and a voice on the international stage must have the following filter for all decisions. What will promote human life? What will promote human flourishing — realizing the full potential of life and the freedom to do so? The establishment of placing human value at the pinnacle of the pyramid of priorities is paramount for all infrastructure to be built upon. In other words, what benefits the people and promotes the health of the individual.

That means that corporations cannot pillage, rape, and prostitute the people for rich natural resources. They profit billions and the indigenous workers receive pennies and barely survive. The corporations then take the money from the developing country and bank it in their home nation along with the finished product they have mined. The backs of the native…

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Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets/voices have gone out into the world.  1 John 4:1

We live in a layered reality, in this time/space/matter continuum – called “our day.”  Not that it has ever been different from the time our first parents were expelled from the Garden of Eden.  But we live now and experience our day.  Together. And this day, we are certain, is layered.  It is a 3D puzzle.

Nowhere is that more obvious than in the political theatre of US federal election campaigns.  The games people play are myriad, the machinations behind the scenes are often untold for decades or centuries – if they ever see the light of day.  But most observers – active, thinking citizens – are aware of the layers of manipulation and the role that money, power, and family/agenda ties have in how the story unfolds.

Decades ago, while a young woman working in a state-level lobbying organization, a seasoned veteran of the lobbying-without-direct-cash-to-dispense world gave my first peek at all this.  He would say things like, “Never be limited by the vocabulary of your adversary. Don’t let them control the language of the conversation.” Oh. Words matter. In the world of ideas, the flavor of words – matter.  He entertained me one lunch break with his musings about certain candidates then being run for office by the major parties.  One, put forward by the incumbent party, seemed weak compared to the opposition.  My friend tossed out the idea that the party now in power knew there was a mess coming, and they were offering up a sacrificial lamb so that – if he did win, he would take the heat and “take one for the team.” But if he lost, the other party would take blame for the mess, and power would revert back at the end of the shift.

This is not the way an average voting citizen sees or thinks; but this is how power brokers think and strategize.  And this gentleman was at the less sophisticated levels of such folk.

Notice that these puzzle pieces would fit together in any configuration of the four.  How often is the win-win simply a matter of rearranging the blocks – rephrasing the sentence – reordering the steps to the goal.  We can’t see this until we relax and trust each other’s motives – until we are negotiating in good faith with others of like heart.

I was reminded of all this a while back, in conversation with a young woman at our local library.  We were talking about the present candidates running for US President in the elections coming up, November 2016.  There were many contenders at the time. By the time this writing is read, the panorama will have changed a great deal.  Most states will have “spoken” re their preferences, and the money/morale/volunteers and sheer stamina will shift for those that have not come out ahead.  That’s why this process is called a race.  In some respects it is like a horse race.  What a pitiful way to select one of the major leaders of the so-called free world. It is very expensive, this free world, and it is highly restricted – more every day – so that term is obsolete language we still use because it makes us feel better… than… what, exactly?

Anyway, in this conversation at the library, my companion commented she was upset by the brash remarks of one front-runner regarding immigration, particularly the attitude toward Muslims and refugees.  I had been noticing that quotes and moves being reported re this one were not those of a person seriously contending for the post.  The world hardly needs that persona or set of expressed attitudes at the helm in the rocky days ahead for our shrinking planet.  But when she expressed her concerns, something dawned on me; the sun rose on my thinking, and details took on new color and clarity.  I played the devil’s advocate, after the pattern of my veteran lobbyist friend from so long ago.

What if he really doesn’t want to win, I ventured.  Her eyes widened in question – “Why would he run if he didn’t?”  “Well, what if he’s a spoiler,” I said, recalling the role in former races, played by Ross Perot, Jesse Jackson, and others.  Her lights went on and the level of consciousness changed.  We continued to consider the possibility that he was either running to help the opposite party, or to be able to spout off and say extreme and foolish things to get certain conversations on the table – but not with the idea of seriously trying to win.  And now that he was attracting surprising support, the potential of his being a final candidate was perhaps unnerving – even to him.  It is one thing to take potshots at the one in office; it is another to take that chair yourself, receiving all the potshots from others.

We ended our visit and went separate ways.  But as often happens, the topic stayed with me.  I usually talk things over with Holy Spirit – the Teacher and Counselor that Jesus has given us.  This was no exception.  I won’t say this is a “thus sayeth the Lord” – but it is something I came to wonder, and I’ll watch, listening, to see if it bears out.

I’m wondering if the two strong voices from the supposedly opposing parties are not put forward or pumped by the controlled media, with the permission or support (overt or covert) from the puppetmasters that back these major races.  Remember, in building celebrity, there is no such thing as bad publicity. But in running for office, this rule doesn’t hold.  If emphasis in media continues to show you at disadvantage or in twisted reports, public opinion formed thereby will follow the formers.

I’m wondering if these polarizing positions are set up and “allowed to be” so the party hardliners and money behind them can watch to see how the people will react to each.  Both parties have lost touch with their former constituencies – they have not kept faith with the US citizens or with the world of nations.  The backstreet deals, lies, copouts and sellouts have come so thick and fast that it is hard to tell what’s left of our real country.  No documents are interpreted to mean what they used to, and new voluminous ones are being agreed to, in our name, with major ramifications for us and our progeny – at a dizzying pace. (We have to pass bill this to see what’s in it?! Hello?! This is leadership?)

What if – the kingmakers and government-buyers want we the people to either (1) attempt revolt to “justify” martial law and enslavement of our lives, usurping our liberties and resources — OR (2) go along enthusiastically with some dreadful combination of fascism/socialism that shrinks our lives to some surreal version of Matrix or Soylent Green scripts, while buying into the impossible dream of getting back to the future where everyone has a clear shot at thriving — according to “them.”   This was the scenario set up in the Nazi and Communist/Bolshevik drama of the two world wars, so far. History reveals that some vile, deep pockets were funding and profiting from both sides.  “Heads, I win; tails, you lose.”

What if – the two extreme voices are being given the media exposure and teased into making comments that are bound to bite them later, so the shadow-watchers can take the temperature of the populace and decide then which way to go with their next level of deprivation and mass dimishment for their own despicable, unconscionable power grabs and gain.

I’m writing to suggest that we all pull back from drinking the media Kool-Aid, that we fast from the toxic nectar; and rather, that we each get in touch with our core: our faith, values, conscience, dreams, and reality.  That we let the candidates sort out while we pray and call on the Creator – who sees it all – and His Holy Spirit that brings us into all truth..

We don’t have to let the media circus dominate our lives or relationships.  Stay friends with people you love – regardless of who they support or why.   Don’t let our emotions draw us into foolish actions or be polarized by varied conversations, dividing us to be conquored by the players of the game.

Let’s REASON TOGETHER AND BUILD TRUST – BRIDGES OF UNDERSTANDING.  Let’s strengthen the fabric of our humanity and enjoy the tapestry of God’s design.

I believe we are at a place – as humanity and in God’s timetable – where this is possible.


Will we be the generation that chooses LIFE & TRUTH – or will Earth have to go through another round “in the wilderness” before the enslaved mindset is purged and courage can rise in obedience to the invitation from the Divine?

As for me and my “house” – we will serve and joyfully follow – the Lord of Heaven and Earth.

Herein lies my hope.  Not mine alone, but the Hope for all the world.

It IS finished – can we comprehend this?

Here is the truth – the word of hope and joy for this day, and every day!  

Life DOES swallow death, and Jesus Christ/Isa/Yesua/Yeshua has won it!  

This Good News of His Kingdom is for EVERYONE, not just some little club… 

We need to GET this – it is ours, individually and collectively – the life and work of Jesus is complete! 

He declared this from the Cross and Father God/Allah/YHWH confirmed it by raising Him up on the Third Day and seating Him at His right hand forever.  

The Name… Ha Shem… Hashemites… Connect the dots… 

The Good News is out of the box! It is for everyone – no need to fight about it – we don’t kill for it, we LIVE for it — there’s plenty for all — Grace, forgiveness, cleansing, new life, light on the Straight Path to Father’s House, our first and last Home!

Delights from the Concert Hall

These are some links to a wide variety of music (as the list grows) that are some of my all-time favorites for one reason or another – usually having to do with the time and place of first experience with each. Added here in no particular order.

1.  This, by Van Cliburn, I had on 33-1/3 LP record as a young teenager.  He had won a prize at a major festival for his performance of this piece and I happened to love it then – and it refreshes and motivates me to go for the gold – even today.


2.  This piece was one of my earliest childhood memories of a specific classical piece that I remembered and that moved me deeply with longings and wistful dreams beyond my understanding.  Whenever I hear this melody well done, that call from the mysterious other world still calls me toward it.