Denouncing the Recent Gang Rapes in Brazil


Two gang rapes of teenage girls with one of them involving 30 men was videoed and posted online has brought outrage in Brazil.

The Public Safety Forum said in a study that Brazilian police recorded a sexual assault every 11 minutes in the country in 2014.

An estimated half a million such assaults take place each year overall.[i]

This savagery is indicative of the reduction of the value of women in a subculture that has metastasized into total depravity. It is looking at a woman through the perverted lens that has changed her equality to that of an inanimate object. She now becomes nothing more than a tool used when needed for some sadistic pleasure and then returned to the shelf for future use. How despicable!

How does this happen?

Ideas have consequences. People act the way that they do because they think in certain ways, because they hold…

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