*It IS finished – He has done it!

LIFE springs in response to LIGHT - death and darkness loses its grip in the Light!

LIFE springs in response to LIGHT – death and darkness loses its grip in the Light!


Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow! This is the generous message of the Life and work of Jesus Christ – Isa/Yeshua/Yesua… Forgiveness, Healing, Deliverance, Victory — life SWALLOWS death… Jesus announced this completed work from the Cross! And Creator, Father God/Allah/YHWH/HaShem/Dios confirmed it by raising Him up from the dead and seating Him at Father’s right hand.  Nobody else could DO any part of this! And He DID it for ALL of humanity – not just for some little culture or club!  Every person, tribe, and tongue!  THIS IS THE HOPE, THE JOY, THE TRUTH…

If that’s not good news, nothing is! Let’s believe it and apply it to our lives, this day…


*And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. John 8:32

Of course, in the ultimate sense, the truth is The Truth – Truth is a Person; ultimate truth is found only in Him. We call this Person God or Allah, or Dios, or other syllables in other tongues: our ultimate single-source, our Creator.  What He speaks defines and expresses and creates truth.  It is impossible for Him to lie, because immediately upon projecting the sound of His voice, truth becomes – and is released.

In a lesser sense, knowing truth about our selves, our lives, and the world around us also sets us free: free to understand and act within that understanding – wisely, in accord with our highest core values and best intentions.

This is why I’m starting this blog, why I spend time in study, prayer, thought, and communication. It is a driving passion to seek out, understand, digest, and redistribute Truth and truth.  If I only gain and absorb, but do not speak or write – the gold and light enriches my days but dies with me.  Only by connecting with you — others — does the beat go on and the music play from one life to the next.

I have to trust that you will bring your heart and mind to this conversation.  You will understand that this exercise requires grace and mercy – generosity of soul, to allow for the gaps bound to occur as layers of thought are spread out for examination – either in my posts or your comments.  I am both blessed and horrified with my writing of years gone by.  This will no doubt be the case with this blog record as well.  If you have not had this experience, then you may not have learned or grown – which is sad for you.  I welcome you to this great ocean of life where we get to try things, to test drive our perceptions and combine our views to get the clearer picture.  Like fleas on an elephant, not one of us has the whole picture. But as the Truth light rises in our lives, and we can see more clearly, hope rises, and with it comes the energy to reach for that dream – that better day.


Your Light becomes our light; thank You.


Together we can grow strong.  This gives us hope.  Welcome to my piece of the hope-building pie.

Here is a hope lens, a scaffolding for all else that is built into this day:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-5T2UAZoPU